Lists and registers

In compliance with Wiltshire Health and Care’s Constitution (Members Agreement), its Board members and staff declare any interests which are relevant and material to the business of the organisation. It can be viewed here.

Individual declarations are recorded at various Board and other committee meetings and are noted in the Board minutes.

Register of Gifts and Hospitality

Declarations of gifts and hospitality are recorded in the Register of Gifts and Hospitality.

Copies may be requested from Corporate Services.  Please email your requests to clearly stating your full name, the information requested and the financial years for which the information is required.

Disclosure Log – The latest disclosure log  can be viewed here.

The asset register of suppliers for computer hardware, software and medical equipment can be viewed here

Information Asset Register (IAR) – The Wiltshire Health and Care IAR snapshot can be viewed here.

CCTV – Wiltshire Health and Care does not have responsibility at it’s sites for CCTV.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)  The  Wiltshire Health and Care DPIA log can be viewed here.

Contact us – If you have a query please contact the Corporate Services team, details Tel: 01249 456580  Email: