About us We are an NHS partnership focused on community services in Wiltshire

Published Information

Safer Staffing

We publish monthly, on each ward, information about the number of staff.

This includes the number of nurses and support workers per shift, together with the percentage of shifts meeting safe staffing guidelines.

The aim is to provide an open and transparent picture of local staffing levels for patients, families and members of the public. We have systems in place to ensure we have enough of the right people in the right places at the right time.

Wiltshire Health and Care has 6 Community Hospitals (Chippenham, Devizes, Melksham, Savernake, Trowbridge and Warminster).

Our information on Safer Staffing is presented in a number of ways:

Display boards

Display boards in all of our wards show the planned and actual staffing levels at the start of every shift.

The bi-annual staffing review

This report provides information on the actual number of staff on each ward, compared to planned staffing numbers, highlights areas where staffing needs to be improved, and explains what we plan to do.


You can view detailed information on staffing levels on the online national single storage system for NHS data, which is called UNIFY.

NHS Choices

Staffing data is presented alongside other safety measures on NHS Choices.

Gender Pay Gap Report

The Gender Pay Gap Report 2017.