The following information may be useful if you have been seen by a children’s dietitian or are waiting for an appointment with a children’s dietitian.

COVID-19 – How to manage cooking and eating

Useful guides for monitoring your child’s weight and height at home

Diet sheets from the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and The British Society for Allergy & Clinical Immunology (BSACI)

BDA Food Fact sheet Calcium

BSACI: Preventing food allergy in your baby: a summary for parents (also contains excellent information on how to introduce other allergens and when).

FOOD MAESTRO APP: (for smart phones)

There is now a FREE useful app for shopping with an allergy that is trusted by the NHS and all the major supermarkets in the UK. Further information can be found at:

Webinar link for weaning on a milk free diet.

  1. Please access
  2. Click on the children’s 0-18 years’ section.
  3. Please then click on ‘paediatric webinars for patients and carers.
  4. Please click on ‘child food allergy’
  5. You will find a webinar called WEANING ON A COW’S MILK AND/OR SOYA FREE DIET.

Please be aware if you are cutting any food out of your child’s diet because you are concerned that they may have an allergy, please ensure that you obtain a diagnosis or advice from either your GP, Health Visitor or a Paediatric Dietitian to ensure they get the care they may require.

If you have been told by a GP or Paediatric Dietitian that your child has an allergy please ensure that you seek advice prior to re-introduction of the avoided food.

Restrictive Eaters:

Other useful information:

Messy and food play activities diet sheet

Fussy eaters information sheet

If you need to speak with a health visitor, school nurse or community children’s nurse, then please contact our colleagues in Virgin Care by accessing their website: or contacting their single point of access on 0300 247 0090.

Faltering Growth/problems gaining weight

Calorie booster information sheet (this can be adapted if your child has an allergy – just substitute the milk containing versions for an oat/soya based alternative).

Please note that If you have tried to boost the calories of your child’s meal and you continue to be concerned about your child’s weight and are under the care of a Paediatric Dietitian please make them aware of your concerns, otherwise please contact your GP.

Weight Management:

Change for life:

Weight management online courses:

Shape up for life 16 years + Free online programme: