Stephen Lawrence Day 2021

Stephen Lawrence Day 2021.

Today is the third annual Stephen Lawrence Day. The day is named for the black teenager who was killed in a racist attack  in 1993.

Stephen Lawrence Day was created by the Stephen Lawrence Foundation as a celebration of his life and legacy. It exists ‘to inspire a more equal, inclusive society, and to foster opportunities for marginalised young people in the UK’.

Stephen’s mother, Baroness Lawrence, said: “The events of 2020 – George Floyd’s death and the subsequent resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, along with societal inequalities exposed and exacerbated by Covid, has made us reflect how we engage with our communities. This brought a sharp focus on what I want to be achieved in Stephen’s name. I want Stephen Lawrence Day to be a reflective learning experience, and a celebration and journey toward a greater equality and inclusion for all.”

How you can support Stephen Lawrence Day #ChallengeAccepted

There are 3 Stephen Lawrence Day challenges that people can take on. These are:

  • Doing an act of good in your community
  • Writing a poem or making some art that reflects Lawrence and his legacy, and
  • Learning something about Lawrence’s legacy and sharing what you have discovered.

You can share what you have done on social media using the hashtags  #ChallengeAccepted #LiveOurBestLife

What is Wiltshire Health and Care doing?

At Wiltshire Health and Care we acknowledge the significance of not losing sight of this important agenda. We are determined not to become complacent. We  have committed to engaging with the Race Equality Code 2020 which pulls together over 200 recommendations outlined in reports, charters and pledges which aim to tackle diversity and inclusion challenges.  The RACE Code does not create new obligations. It provide one set of standards and an accountability framework based on current laws, codes and best practice including the NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard.