Wiltshire Orthopaedic Interface Service (OIS) provides assessment, diagnosis, and management of musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.

Our assessment service is run by Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioners (APPs) who have specialist and in-depth knowledge of their musculoskeletal field.

APPs assess your problem, and if indicated refer you for diagnostic imaging with the aim to provide you with a diagnosis to aid onward management of your condition. They will discuss the available options to manage your musculoskeletal complaint, and offer a range of advice and treatments, such as: physiotherapy, injection therapy, or onward referral to other specialities, such as orthopaedics to consider surgery or pain management services.

This service is available for south, north and west locality patients.

Will I be referred for an MRI scan?

We may refer you for an MRI scan if this is appropriate. Sometimes this can help in the assessment and diagnosis of your problem. However, very often this is not necessary.

B1206-Best-MSK-Spinal-Patient-Advice-030822.pdf (england.nhs.uk)

How to access the service

The service can be accessed following a referral from a health care professional.


Central Booking Office: 01249 456442

South email: whc.oissouth@nhs.net

West email: whc.oiswest@nhs.net

North email: whc.oisnorth@nhs.net

Advice whilst you wait for your orthopaedic interface appointment

Please see the tab to your left ‘information leaflets’ in here you can find more information related to your condition.

Exercise and lifestyle changes can be a useful way to manage your pain.  The information below provides a good starting point however remember to start gently and ease in.

Consistency over time is usually more effective than doing too much in one go and potentially flaring symptoms. If you find a particular exercise uncomfortable then make the movement smaller or move onto the next exercise.

Ask your GP or health practitioner for an ‘Active Health’ referral

Struggling with weight management? – reducing the load on your joints may ease your pain

Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator 

Self-refer to Wiltshire Health Improvement Hub, group or 1:1 weight management appointments.
Email: health.coaches@wiltshire.gov.uk

To get you started:

Food facts
Lose weight

Pain control information, medications commonly used to treat persistent pain

Patient Information Leaflets

Regular pain control with persistent pain is important to ensure you can move more normally, remain active, stay at work, and reduce protective muscle spasm.

Chair based Pilates
Pilates for back pain

Healthy sleep

Bedtime meditation
How to get to sleep and sleep better

Pain information

The Pain Revolution
Retrain pain foundation
Pain Concern
Tame the beast
Live Well with Pain
Peter O’Sullivan
Understanding pain in less than five minutes and what to do about it

Mental Well-being

For wellbeing assistance contact Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)

Telephone: 01380 731335