Students give us positive feedback

Over the past 2 years the 3 teams in South Wiltshire; Amesbury, Wilton (pictured) and Salisbury have facilitated 80 nursing students from Bournemouth University. The feedback from their evaluations shows just how hard the teams work to ensure students receive excellent quality placements.

Here are just some of the brilliant comments we have received:

“Team work was excellent. Excellent Care was given to patients. Treatment and care provided were communicated to the patients and their family member therefore I would happy recommend to friends and family.”

“Community nurses in my placement did an outstanding job and put patient centred care first, always improved how they could do things differently and evaluated within the team to discuss how they can improve and what methods to use.”

“Amazing learning experience and plenty of one to one mentor time, able to learn a lot and to take it along to the future practice.”

“I felt like the care being demonstrated was of a high quality and would be comfortable if I was the service user.”

“Excellent care was given throughout my placement, from all members of the team.”

“I would have no problem with any member of the team caring for anyone in my family.”

Well done to all the teams and thank you to the students for such positive feedback.