Podiatrist awarded by The School of Health Professionals

Senior Podiatrist Chloe Hendy, based at Trowbridge Community Hospital has been awarded by The School of Health Professions.

Chloe was chosen as programme winner for BSc Podiatry, after students on placement at Wiltshire Health and Care nominated her for making a significant difference to their learning experience.

One student said: “Chloe is my second placement mentor and I have been blown away, not only by her passion for podiatry but her commitment to her mentor role. She is solely responsible for this experience being so valuable to my clinical development and inspiring me to strive for my best. She offers the perfect balance between support and encouraging me to think for myself, keeping me motivated during challenging times and empowering my practice. Rather than immediately presenting the solution she patiently guides my own intellect to the correct outcome, giving me the greatest gift… self confidence in my own academic and clinical ability, and for that I will be forever grateful.”

Another student said: “Chloe had an enormous impact upon my learning experience during my placement in Wiltshire. I found that her organisational skills meant that I knew where I was going long in advance, making booking accommodation and travel arrangements much easier. In addition to this, her mentoring style very much favoured my way of learning as she was never intrusive or overpowering, and allowed me to take things at my own pace, stepping in to help where necessary. Chloe always made time to discuss anything I was unsure of and showed compassion towards all of her patients.”

Congratulations and well done to Chloe.