New bed system helping patients and staff

Thanks to charitable funds, patients and staff are benefiting from a great new bed system  on Ailesbury Ward in Savernake Hospital and Cedar and Mulberry Wards at Chippenham Community Hospital.

The Biotechsis in-bed slide sheet system means patients can be moved in bed easier, more gently, and more frequently for their own comfort and safety (reducing the likelihood of pressure and tissue issues).

This will provide an improved experience for patients in pain who find it uncomfortable or painful to be touched, receiving palliative care, who are disorientated or confused.

The new system will have a positive impact for staff too; reducing manual handling risks and activity meaning that staff should see an increase in care hours available for other activities.

Handling aids and equipment design has evolved significantly in the last decade and continues to do so.

If we provide the right equipment at the right time to the right patient we can improve patient experience, improve their rehabilitation, maintain their independence and support their care at home.