How to maximise the benefit of your Diabetes Nurse appointment

How to maximise the benefit of your Diabetes Nurse appointment

We want to support you and help you achieve the best diabetes control possible. There are a few key things you can do to help us do that.

  1. Make sure you are regularly testing your blood glucose levels. Without that information, it is hard for us to know what plan could work best for you
  2. Take your medication at the correct times and in the agreed quantities
  3. Upload your blood glucose levels from your meter to Diasend or keep an accurate record of your blood glucose readings

If you are not testing your blood glucose levels having previously been asked to do so, your consultation may be postponed and rescheduled to obtain the information required for the appointment.

(Please note: if you are using FreeStyle Libre, continue to upload your results to LibreView)


Diasend makes it easy for you to send the information from your blood glucose meters to the Diabetes Nurses so that they can review your blood glucose levels and then discuss them with you. We can also take the information off your meter if you attend a face to face consultation.

Use of Diasend is optional, but recommended

For instructions on how to register for Diasend, please visit

At the point at which you are asked for a clinic code, please use 98-26734

Two useful instruction booklets on how to upload your blood glucose results from your meter:

Upload via computer, please visit

Upload via mobile, please visit

Protecting your privacy

If you register for Diasend, you will need to confirm you accept their Terms and conditions and their Privacy Policy but we also want you to know how we will use the information uploaded to Diasend. Once the readings have been uploaded to Diasend, the readings will be saved as a PDF and then stored on SystmOne, where we store all of your health records. Your clinician will ask your permission to put your record on to SystmOne. Your Diasend records will only be used by us to support you in managing your diabetes.

For more information on how we will use the readings uploaded to Diasend, the Wiltshire Health and Care Diasend Privacy Policy can be viewed here.