Beat the Heat: Actions to take during a heat wave

Wiltshire is due for a heat wave this week, so here’s a quick reminder of how to stay healthy during hot weather:

  • Close windows and blinds/curtains during the day. Closing windows and pulling curtains in the morning will prevent room temperatures rising at the same rate as outside temperature
  • Open windows in the early morning and evenings when it is cooler outside than in
  • Move to the coolest part of the house if possible (especially for sleeping)
  • Turn off all electrical equipment when not in use
  • Ensure the heating is turned off
  • Make sure medicines are stored below 25 degrees or in the fridge
  • Have plenty of cold drinks, but avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugary drinks
  • If you are not urinating frequently or your urine is dark, you may be dehydrated and need to drink more
  • Avoid being outside in the heat of the day and when you do go out, dress appropriately, wear sunscreen and stay in the shade where possible
  • Use a damp flannel to cool yourself down
WHC: Issued June 2018