Chippenham and Trowbridge Community Hospitals run a Community Fracture Clinic service. This clinic provides the complete follow up service, and patients will be assessed by a specialist orthopaedic clinician. The service allows you to be seen at your local community hospital or receive a telephone consultation.

For more information about your appointment and the service please read the Community Fracture Clinic leaflet here

Emergency contact

If you notice any of the following issues with your cast or splint, please contact NHS 111 by telephone or online or visit your local Minor Injury Unit:

  • Your plaster cast/splint still feels too tight after keeping it elevated for 24 hours
  • You experience persistent itching or burning under the cast/splint
  • Your fingers or toes on the affected limb feel swollen, tingling, or numb
  • Your notice discolouration of affect limb
  • Your cast/ splint is loose or broken.
  • Your notice an unpleasant smell or discharge coming from your cast
  • Your skin underneath and around the cast/splint feels sore

Who can I contact for advice about my injury?

If you are worried about your injury or how it is healing and feel that you need to discuss it with someone, please email the physiotherapist on:

We can then decide if you need to come in for a face to face appointment, organise a telephone or video consultation.

When and where is the Fracture Clinic held?

Clinics are held in Chippenham  Community Hospital weekly on Wednesdays 8.40am - 3.40pm and are held in Trowbridge Community Hospital fortnightly on Fridays between 8.30am to 2.40pm.  Appointments are arranged by our administrative team.

If you are unable to attend your fracture clinic appointment please call the administration team on 01249 456535 (for Chippenham clinic) or 01985 224725 (for Trowbridge clinic).

Do you need to change your appointment?

If you are unable to attend your fracture clinic appointment please call the administration team on 01249 456535 (for Chippenham clinic) or 01985 224725 (for Trowbridge clinic).