How can I manage my cough?

You may be experiencing a persistent, dry cough. This can be irritating, exhausting and can lead to inflammation in your upper airways.

There are techniques that you can use to help to reduce the amount you cough. By supressing your cough, you can break the cycle of coughing and help reduce your symptoms.

Supress the urge to cough

  1. Breathing in and out through your nose instead of your mouth.
  2. Sucking on boiled sweets or lollipops.
  3. Having regular drinks / sips of fluids.

Stop cough exercise

As soon as you feel the urge to cough, close your mouth and cover it with your hand (SMOTHER the cough). At the same time, make yourself SWALLOW. STOP breathing - take a pause. When you start to breathe again, breathe in and out through your nose SOFTLY.

Smother - Swallow - Stop - Soft is a good way to remember this exercise.

If you need to cough, try to cough into a tissue or the crease of your elbow and over 2 metres away from other people. Always wash your hands for 20 seconds after you cough.