Juxtacures: innovative treatment for venous leg ulcers

Treating leg ulcers makes up a large part of a community nurse’s caseload. While compression therapy with graduated multilayer bandaging has been widely accepted as recommended treatment, it is important that clinicians keep up to date with new methods of compression that can promote concordance, improve healing rates and achieve cost savings.

Community Nurses in Wiltshire Health and Care are able to offer a new compression device called Juxtacures, from Medi UK. Following assessment for suitability, this treatment option can be provided for patients with venous leg ulcers.

Patients can find that traditional multilayer compression bandaging is bulky and reduces mobility. Juxtacures resolves these limitations and therefore increases the quality of life for patients being treated for venus leg ulcers. Juxtacures also provides vital savings in both nursing time and money for the service.

Gill Wicks, Nurse Consultant and Tissue Viability Lead in Wiltshire Health and Care, has been working to promote the use of Juxtacures. Gill has had two articles published over the last year, one in the Journal of Community Nursing and one in the Journal of General Practice Nursing. She has also taken part in an interview with BBC Radio Wiltshire.

If you would like to find out more about Juxtacures, please contact the Tissue Viability service on 01225 711351.