Supporting patients with respiratory disease to keep active

Wiltshire Health and Care has teamed up with the West of England Academic Health Science Network in a pilot project to encourage respiratory patients in South Wiltshire to keep active during the pandemic.

Using the KiActiv® solution, patients who are on the waiting list for pulmonary rehabilitation due to COVID-19 are being supported to increase their activity through the use of a daily tracker and make some lifestyle changes in order to keep their muscles moving.

Lisa Miller, Respiratory Clinical Lead at Wiltshire Health and Care said: “Many of our most vulnerable patients have been shielding due to COVID-19, and the consequences of inactivity over a long period of time can be significant. We want to build confidence in our patients, so that they accept they will become breathless during periods of increased activity and that this is healthy.”

KiActiv® Health incorporates behaviour change technology in an interactive personalised dashboard that uses data from an accurate activity tracker and dedicated mentor support over 12 weeks. It is focused on everyday physical activity, promoting opportunities to be active across all ~112 waking hours a week, rather than 1-2 hours of an exercise intervention, with no barriers to age or mobility. During the 12 weeks participants are supported by phone calls with a trained KiActiv® mentor at key times in the programme. The calls help participants build an understanding of the value of their daily activities and the confidence to plan, monitor and improve, without compulsion or prescription. At the end of the 12 weeks the participants will have continued access to their personal dashboard and activity monitor to enable them to continue their self-management and the changes to their daily routines.

KiActiv® has already been commissioned in Gloucestershire to support those with type 2 diabetes and other long term conditions and is currently being evaluated for use in COPD through the Moving to Better Health: Bristol project.