About us We are an NHS partnership focused on community services in Wiltshire

Our vision

Our vision is to enable people to live independent and fulfilling lives for as long as possible.

We have a five year programme of change for the services which is centred around the following themes:

Healthy, independent lives

Promoting health and prevention will become part of the day job for community services, making use of every opportunity to inform and coach patients, carers and their families. Our services won’t exist to do things for people that they can do for themselves, but will offer support and give them the confidence to take control. This will include tapping into technology to promote self-management e.g. secure video conferencing, remote monitoring at home, apps and web based support.

A service for primary care

We will provide a service which supports primary care in managing the needs of local populations. Teams with a ‘can do’ approach and the networks to draw in support from other agencies and specialist advice when required. Real time communication and access to patient records to reduce duplication and the need to tell their story again. Working together as part of an extended practice team, not a separate service.

Higher intensity care

Offering comprehensive community step up care, whether in a patient’s own home, in a community inpatient bed or assessment facility. Delivering sophisticated and complex health care at home and managing higher intensity patients in out-of-hospital settings. This will mean more people supported to stay in their own home at times of escalating need, reducing the need for a secondary care admission and enabling earlier discharges.

Community based urgent care

Bringing together urgent primary care, the current provision of minor injury units and adding strong links to Emergency Departments to develop an innovative response for the people of Wiltshire. A comprehensive urgent care offer in the community.

Leading the way

The way in which community services work will be significantly different in five years’ time. In particular, we will transform the use of technology to support patient care and collaboration of professionals in a way that supports rather than replaces a human voice and hand. Adopting evidence based technology and systems available to all industries, then innovating beyond that. From paper based and travel dependent solutions to connected and enabled.

Best practice – normal practice

We want Wiltshire to have the best possible care in the community. In many areas, we will lead the way and be an example of best practice though our quality and innovation hub. In others, we will learn from elsewhere and implement changes over the 5 year period to ensure that all aspects of services are consistently the best they can be.

Broadening skills

We will extend the skills of everyone who cares for patients. Broadening horizons by enabling cross working across multiple settings of care and increasing availability of specialist knowledge, advice and enhancing trust.

More for your money

Community services will only play their full part in responding to increased demand on health and care services if they are fit for the future. We will pursue a programme of productivity improvements and changes in approach to reduce waste and duplication and proactive shifting of resources to allow investment in the community.