Wiltshire control centre a success

Since December, the Wiltshire Integrated Control Centre (WICC) based at Chippenham Community Hospital has been focused consistently on reducing the patient transfers from the acute hospitals to the community wards and teams

WICC was initially put in place to maintain flow across Wiltshire over the Christmas and New Year period. WICC has managed to achieve reducing delayed transfers of care across the acute and community hospitals, which is why all providers have continued to support it. The lists have reduced significantly with the help of all staff contacted daily.

At the end of April, there was no one waiting for a community hospital bed for longer than 24 hours when medically fit to leave the acute hospital.  Intermediate Care beds had no one waiting for longer than 48 hours.  The patients once referred to community teams are actioned with a discharge plan in place within 24 hours.  The WICC review capacity across all services to align patients in preparedness for transfer working reactively.

WICC has built strong relationships, trust and respect between providers, including some voluntary organisations and the main aim and achievement is that everyone is focused on the patient being in the right place at the right time for the right treatment.