Tell us what you think about moving from child to adult health care services

Wiltshire Health and Care is taking part in a study led by NCEPOD to understand how healthcare organisations manage the transition of young people with complex chronic conditions (such as diabetes, cerebral palsy, learning disability etc) from child to adult health services. NCEPOD is a national organisation that uses data to help improve the quality of care for future patients in the UK.

We have been asked to share an online survey with the children or young adults who use our services to gather their views on moving from child to adult health services.  If you are a young person (age 13* – 24) or a family member or carer of one that uses our services please access the survey via the link All responses given as part of this study are confidential.  The survey will close in May 2022.

We are keen to understand what opportunities there are within our own organisation to better support our patients, their families and carers, as they move across to our services.  Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.

*Please ask permission from your parent/carer if you are under 16