Our team

All the Physiotherapists are fully qualified and have to be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. You can check any Physiotherapist is registered on this website by looking in the Physiotherapist category. We have both male and female Physiotherapists; please tell us if you would prefer a gender for your physiotherapist.

Many of our Physiotherapists have done additional training to enable them to offer acupuncture for pain relief. This is available in all sites except Calne.

The Physiotherapy assistants are not qualified but are highly trained, experienced and supervised by qualified Physiotherapists. We frequently have physiotherapy students gaining clinical experience with us from the surrounding universities. You may be asked if it is alright for you to be treated by a student, which you can say no to.

The student is well supervised by our qualified staff, even though this may not be obvious to you. We are also visited by the University staff to make sure that we are supporting the student.

Our Administrators are usually your first contact with the department either over the telephone or when you attend your appointment.