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GPs & Delivery Partners

Wiltshire Health and Care is a new partnership focused solely on community services in Wiltshire supporting primary care and local populations. We will deliver the CCG’s ambitious strategy for the future to move resources into community settings. Working with primary care, we will create new alliances to shape the future of community healthcare. We will respond to the fluctuating health needs of our patients through periods of escalation and crisis, ensuring home and community care is the first option. We will broaden the skills of all our staff and provide a network of access to specialists and development opportunities to increase the availability of specialist knowledge and advice, which will allow more people with complex needs to be managed safely in the community. This approach will improve productivity, reduce waste and duplication and increase trust to ensure we can proactively shift care from hospitals to the community. Our community teams will drive this model of care at a local level.

Our model of care is for community teams to act as an extended team for every practice in Wiltshire. We will provide accurate, up to date information and contact details for our services to primary care.