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Advice and resources on how to manage your diabetes

Diabetes UK Coronavirus advice here

What to do if you are unwell

Type 1 sick day rules here
Type 2 sick day rules here

Certification of sick leave

The Community Diabetes Service is not able to offer advice about employment or to certify sick leave. For advice for those considered high risk, please visit the two following websites



Contact details

North, East and West – 01249 456483
South – 01722 425176
Wellbeing courses (X-PERT and Freedom for Life) – 0300 79 00 567

Referrals:  whc.diabetesreferrals@nhs.net
Advice and guidance:  whc.diabetesnurses@nhs.net
Wellbeing courses (X-PERT and Freedom for Life): whc.diabeteswellbeing@nhs.net

You can read the latest Community Diabetes Service newsletter here.

Referral forms

An Outpatient referral form can be found here.
A Structured Education (Type 1 and Type 2) referral form can be found here.

What is the service and what does it offer?

Working through education, specialist clinics and in GP surgeries, the team support people to understand how their diabetes affects them, to learn how to gain greater control of their diabetes and reduce the risk of complications that can arise .

In part, this includes seeing patients in a clinic, particularly in supporting patients who have recently been prescribed insulin, but also about us providing advice and guidance, training and shared clinics with GPs, practice nurses, care homes and other nursing teams to support them to better manage their patients with diabetes.

The Community Diabetes Service is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 4:30pm. An answerphone service is available outside of these hours. If you have an urgent problem outside of these hours, please call 111.
Advice and guidance

The Community Diabetes Service is able to offer telephone or email advice and guidance that can support clinicians in how they manage patients or offer advice directly to people with diabetes. This is sometimes useful as a guide as to how to manage complex patients or to discuss whether a patient needs an appointment with one of the team or for patients if they are struggling to control their blood glucose levels and would like advice.

If you would like a Diabetes Specialist Nurse to call you back, please contact the appropriate number above, and a nurse will call you back within 24 hours, Monday to Friday. Urgent calls are often responded to more quickly than this. If an immediate response is required or the issue is out of hours, please call 111 or your GP.

Wellbeing courses

Learning about diabetes is the key way that someone can take control of their diabetes. The Community Diabetes Service offers courses for both Type 1 and Type 2 patients, in a variety of locations across Wiltshire.

These courses help patients understand how diabetes and different foods affect the body.

For Type one patients, we offer Bertie Online and Freedom for Life.

Bertie Online is free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to allow you to learn about your Type 1 diabetes whenever it suits you. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate, which you can give to your Diabetes Specialist Nurse at your next appointment.

The aim of Freedom for Life is to give people with Type 1 Diabetes the freedom to eat a normal, healthy diet whilst maintaining good blood glucose control, free from hypo and hyperglycaemia.

The course will:
• Enable people to lean the principle of matching the insulin dose to food, by the counting of carbohydrates
• Provide up to date, accurate information to help people manage their diabetes
• Provide an environment where people can meet, ask questions and learn from other people with Type 1 Diabetes

The course is run by a Dietician and Diabetes Specialist Nurse. A maximum of 6 people with diabetes attend each course. You are welcome to bring along a friend or partner with you.

The Freedom For Life courses dates are available here.
Courses in the north and west of the county are currently being organised.

For Type two patients, we offer X-PERT

X-PERT is 15 hours of group education, delivered by trained educators in bite-sized chunks of weekly 2½ hour sessions over 6 weeks. It covers a different topic each week. The programmes do not focus on prescription, dictation and reprimand; instead, they offer a fun way of learning about and understanding diabetes, using visual aids and discovery learning and enabling individuals to make their own informed decisions.

The X-PERT Course is a six consecutive week course that lasts for 2½ hours for each session.

You can watch a short film about the X-PERT Course here.

It isn’t about ‘doing the right things’ it’s about giving you help and support to make small changes.

This can help you:

•Keep a healthy weight
•Choose a way to eat that suits you
•Have more energy
•Improve your fitness and wellbeing
•Lower your blood glucose, pressure and cholesterol
•Reduce the risks of complications from diabetes

For more information, please click here

All venues have parking either on site or nearby and all have disabled access. You are welcome to bring a partner or friend with you on the course.

The X-PERT Course dates are available here.

Pens and Meters

We advise that people who take insulin for their diabetes have a spare insulin pen. If you do not have one, please discuss with your GP or at your next Diabetes Specialist Nurse or Consultant appointment. If you run out of insulin, contact your GP or pharmacist in the first instance, who should be able to provide a replacement on prescription.

If your meter stops working, please contact the company that made your meter. Their helpline should be able to advise or resolve the issue. Sometimes the issue is that the batteries have run out.