Published Information

What we spend and how we spend it

Statutory fillings

Wiltshire Health and Care started operating in 2016. We publish our accounts each year at Companies House. You can view our corporate information here.

Wiltshire Health and Care’s statutory accounts can be viewed here.

Spend over £25,000

In accordance with the Government’s commitment to greater transparency, we are required to publish online, our expenditure of over £25,000. Expenditure for the purposes of this exercise, is all individual invoices, grants payments, expense payments or other such transactions that are over £25,000.

Salary payments to staff are excluded from the scope of these disclosures, as are any invoices that are protected under the Data Protection legislation. Recoverable VAT has been excluded from publication.

This information will be published soon.  To make a request in the meantime, please email

Financial information is also considered at our Board meetings.